Anne C. Vera Cruz

Social Justice Driven STEM Learning (STEMJ): A Curricular Framework for Teaching STEM in a Social Justice Driven, Urban, College Access Program

This article presents the curricular framework for a social justice driven STEM curriculum (i.e., STEMJ) within an out-of-school time program for Boston Public high school students (i.e., College Bound) at Boston College. Starting with a discussion of the authors’ ideological positionality within critical social justice discourses, the authors share how Bronfenbrenner’s (1994) General Ecological Model provides a conceptual framework for operationalizing social justice inquiry with and through STEM.


Coupling Geospatial and Computer Modeling Technologies to Engage High School Students in Learning Urban Ecology

Chapter 11 in M. Urban and D. Falvo (Eds) Improving K-12 STEM Education Outcomes through Technological Integration. IGI Global: Hershey, PA.