Project Spotlight: Middle School Pathways in Computer Science

STELAR recently connected with members of the Middle School Pathways in Computer Science ITEST project, Principal Investigator Dr. Fred Martin and Akira Kamiya, Teacher Learning Center Director.


ITEST projects address NSF priorities on youth participation, teacher professional development and broadening participation in STEM

STELAR is excited to announce the publication of four syntheses that describe results of the ITEST program since its beginning in 2003. ITEST projects have designed experiences for youth that contribute to their STEM interests, they have contributed to the field of STEM professional development for teachers, and they have designed projects that broaden the reach of in-school and out-of-school projects to youth who don’t otherwise have access to unique STEM experiences.


Framing Next Steps in Research for ITEST

Joyce Malyn-Smith is a national expert on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce development. She has a deep knowledge of how learners develop skills to prepare for productive and rewarding work life. And, she has a special interest in the innovation economy and how technology and informal learning can spark creativity and cultivate and sustain students' interest in STEM careers.


Smart and Connected Communities in practice: The Billion Oyster Project

What can Smart and Connected Communities be, and what can they do? The Collaboratory NYC, with funding from NSF's ITEST program, is putting its vision of Smart and Connected Communities into practice through the Billion Oyster Project. The project has brought together multiple stakeholders around a unifying challenge: repopulating oysters in New York Harbor. Why does this matter, and what is being done?


What does it mean to be literate and equitable in engineering?

About 50 researchers and practitioners from around the country convened at the University of Texas at San Antonio on May 2-3, 2017, to set an agenda for research and practice towards making engineering and engineering education more equitable.


Project Spotlight: Authentic art making as a vehicle for connecting to STEM learning and careers

STELAR had the opportunity to catch up with Susan Rodgerson of Artists For Humanity, Principal Investigator for the Authentic Art Making as a Vehicle for Connecting to STEM Learning and Careers project.


Project Spotlight: Digital East St. Louis

Project Spotlight: Preparing Responsive Educators using Place-Based Authentic Research in Earth Systems (PREPARES)

On the Program for K-12: Computational Thinking

EDC’s Joyce Malyn-Smith discusses how technology can help all students extend their own thinking and solve complex problems.


STELAR Insider: A look at the ITEST Management Information System (MIS)

The 2015-2016 Management Information System (MIS) survey is distributed to ITEST projects annually every fall. This year's MIS deadline has recently been extended to Wednesday, December 7.  

What is the MIS, and why does STELAR ask projects to complete it?