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Modeling and Simulation: How Everything seems to Form and Grow

The ideas in this article resulted from many years of research in engineering, physics, computer, and cognitive sciences, as well as teaching experience in college and 


Technologies to Support Engineering Education

This entry describes technologies that support engineering education, such as 3D printing, computer-assisted design, electromechanical systems and instrumentation, and control systems. Engineering education is one of four disciplines within STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. While science and mathematics are commonly regarded as core subjects in schools, engineering has had a less prominent role in K–12 education. However, engineering is increasingly used to teach science in context.


NASA 2017 Competitive Program for Science Museums, Planetariums & NASA Visitors Centers

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has released a Research Announcement (NRA) soliciting proposals from Informal Education Institutions (IEIs) for informal education opportunities in support of NASA’s Office of Education (OE) under the STEM Education and Accountability Project (SEAP). From the solicitation: 


Project-Based Learning Opportunities and Exploration of Mentorship for Students with Visual Impairments in STEM

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This project will seek to better understand and advance the awareness and persistence toward STEM-related careers by students with visual impairments (VI) through accessible project-based learning and mentorship from a VI professional.

2017 NSF STEM for All Video Showcase: Research & Design for Impact

We invite you to present at the third interactive, online video showcase event, which will take place on May 15th - 22nd 2017

2017 NSF STEM for All Video Showcase: Research & Design for Impact. Share your cutting edge work by creating a 3-minute video and then discussing it with your colleagues, stakeholders and the public during a week-long interactive event.


ASTE 2017 International Meeting

The Association for Science Teacher Education (ASTE) will be holding their 2017 International Meeting from January 12-14, 2017 in Des Moines, IA.

For information about registering please visit the following link:


NSF 2016 Teaching and Learning Video Showcase - Advancing STEM for All

We invite you to present at the second interactive, online video showcase event, which will take place on May 17th - 23rd 2016

Last year's online showcase, attracted over 20,000 unique participants and has received accolades from NSF program officers. Your participation will make this year's event equally successful in sharing of work across NSF programs and with the public at large, and also in promoting reflective collegial discourse.


IEEE Integrated STEM Education 2016 Conference - Call for Papers

Overview: The 6th IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference (ISEC ’16) is a premier conference, known for presenting cutting-edge research and experiences with integrated approaches to the study of science, math, and technology through experiences and activities based in engineering and other design disciplines.


Association for Science Teacher Education 2016 International Meeting

The Association for Science Teacher Education (ASTE) promotes leadership and support for professionals involved in the education and development of teachers of science at all levels.  ASTE advances practice and policy through scholarship, collaboration, and innovation in science teacher education. The theme of the 2016 meeting is Forging New Trails towards 21st Century Science Education.  It takes place on January 7-9, 2016, in Reno, NV.

To register for the conference and/or view the conference schedule, visit:


Innovative Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Strategy Project (iSTEM)

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Up to 100 rural and suburban underrepresented minority youth, grades 6-8, are engaged in structured, hands-on and innovative STEM activities in Atlanta, GA on Saturday's during the school year along with summer academy hands-on field experiences.