Environmental sciences

Indigenous Environmental Science 101 (with Drones)

This course is designed for students enrolled in the Bridge Idaho Upward Bound program. During a 2-week stay at the McCall Outdoor Science School, students will explore basic environmental science topics through the lens of local and traditional knowledge and the use of remote sensing technology. Students will learn about the use of UAVs to work on local socio-ecological issues and design and conduct student-led projects that explore the application of the technology to issues of interest to them and to their community.


Billion Oyster Project Environmental Restoration Science Curricula 2018

Students will go outdoors to observe and document the water cycle in motion where they live. Students will also discover how they and their community impact not only the movement of water through the cycle, but also the water quality.


STEM Mio Journey

STEM Mio aims to impact students, family and the community by engaging students in inquiry-based STEM learning, educating entire families on STEM careers and Latino role models, and preparing students for college pathways to STEM careers.

Latinos make up the youngest and fastest growing demographic in the US but remain underrepresented in STEM professions. While clearly capable, Latino students often lack familiarity with potential STEM careers, Latino STEM role models, and the college resources available to them.


Mystery of Taiga River

This game narrative is designed to help players understand the complexities in decision-making that exist in all communities, as they investigate and propose solutions to resolve a fish decline in a small national park. As a part of this experience, students take on the role of a scientific field investigator by interviewing stakeholders, conducting experiments on how water quality affects fish life, and collecting data. They will explore the scientific method to develop hypotheses about the park’s problem and pose possible solutions.


Restoration Education Guide

Earth Partnership offers tools for teachers learning how to guide their students, colleagues and community members through schoolyard restorations. Ten steps form the backbone of the Earth Partnership curriculum:

Earth Partnership has innovative curriculum guides that direct interdisciplinary explorations in ecology and restoration. Guides are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core and encourage growth in science, math, literacy, art, social studies, and more.


Creating a story for a science or engineering video

Students will learn vocabulary about storytelling and through this storytelling vocabulary learn about the most challenging aspect of making a video: Creating an engaging story that is short and effectively conveys a message. Students will watch a short video, identify aspects of it that support their understanding of storytelling vocabulary (video, story, setting, characters, plot, conflict, theme, and solution) and the environment (environment, invasive species, cargo ship, ballast water).


Learner Attributes and Technology-Enriched Environments Associated with Positive Climate Change Attitudes and Energy and Environmental Science Knowledge in Middle School Students

Generación STEM: Spanish Language STEM Videos

Generación STEM is a Spanish language TV series designed for middle and high school Latino youth and their families and is part of the  STEM Mio Journeys program, developed by Arizona State University.


Socio-Environmental Science Investigations

Socio-environmental science investigations (SESI) are a series of secondary level geospatial investigations that focus on social issues related to environmental science. The investigations focus on local problems and utilize fieldwork to gather data in a local setting. Students use the Esri Collector app to gather geo-referenced data outside their school. The student-collected data is then shared into a Cloud-based map service over the Internet.


Philly Scientists - Biodiversity Project

The Philly Scientists project is dedicated to developing innovative science curriculum for in-school and out-of-school programs for middle school students in the West Philadelphia Promise Zone. The website contains insight on curriculum development and an example lesson.