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ITEST Project Strategy Share Meetup: Sustaining your ITEST Project

In the fall of 2018 STELAR staff held a series of ‘virtual meetups’ with  ITEST Community of Practice members to learn more about the work that projects have been engaged in and to uncover the challenges that projects have faced. The STELAR team reviewed the discussions for common themes, and identified three topic areas where examples of best-practices would benefit the community. These topics are:

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ITEST Project Strategy Share Meetup: Engaging Schools as Research Partners

Many ITEST projects conduct research within schools and have shared with STELAR that doing so is extremely challenging. During this Strategy Share Meetup we will discuss ITEST project strategies for creating and navigating successful research partnerships with schools by discussing the following themes:

Buy-in: How to share the research plan with school administrators, educators, and parents such that they are excited to participate and engaged in the process
Study design: How to inspire folks who are not engaged in the educative intervention to participate in the research as a comparison participant
Logistics of data collection: How to collect extant data from schools and new data from teachers or students

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