STELAR Webinar: Smart and Connected Communities: An ITEST Perspective

STELAR Webinar: Smart and Connected Communities: An ITEST Perspective

Thursday, January 21, 2016

At the NSF-supported Next Generation STEM Learning for All Forum in November, seven presenters described how their work connects STEM learning with communities in need, how their work could shape schools of the future, and how to involve key systems and stakeholders in the development of these communities. In this STELAR webinar, NSF Senior Advisors provided information about funding opportunities through Supporting Research Advances in Smart and Connected Communities and two of the Forum presenters expanded on their Forum presentations and considered how ITEST projects may be able to connect to the Smart and Connected Communities work. Webinar participants learned about specific projects and how others are putting Smart and Connected Communities into practice.


Eamonn Kelly is Senior Advisor in the Education and Human Resources Directorate at the National Science Foundation.

John Cherniavsky is Senior Advisor in the Division of Research on Learning and is responsible for cyberinfrastructure and big data activities in EHR/ERL at the National Science Foundation. 

Lauren Birney, Ed.D., works collaboratively with STEM partners in creating K-16 STEM opportunities, defining curriculum and assessment systems, and creating pathways for Environmental and Citizen Science. As Director of the STEM Collaboratory NYC™ she leads in establishing corporate funding partners. Lauren is the Principal Investigator for the ITEST/ICER project "Curriculum and Community Enterprise for New York Harbor Restoration in New York City Public Schools." 

Leslie Rupert Herrenkohl, Ph.D., is co-director of the 3DL Partnership and professor in the Learning Sciences and Human Development Program at the University of Washington. She collaborates with practitioners to create STEM environments that are conceptually rich, and personally and culturally meaningful. Leslie is the Principal Investigator for the ITEST Collaborative Research project "Creating a STEM Pipeline for Low Income and Immigrant Youth."

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