ITEST Projects Featured in the Third Annual STEM for All Video Showcase

May | 2017

ITEST Projects Featured in the Third Annual STEM for All Video Showcase

On May 15-22 STELAR joins together with six other NSF-funded resource centers including CADRE, CAISE, CIRCL, the CS10K Community, and MSPnet to host a cross-center online video event to showcase cutting-edge NSF work. The 2017 STEM for All Video Showcase: Research & Design for Impact is the third-annual showcase, with more than 170 projects presenting three-minute videos of their innovative work on broadening participation and access to STEM. We invite researchers, practitioners, administrators, policy makers and the general public to view the videos and to interact with each of the presenters online in facilitated discussions! 

Each year, even more of our colleague's participate in this dynamic event. In 2015, 17 ITEST projects presented videos in the Teaching and Learning Video Showcase: Improving Science, Math, Engineering, and Computer Science Education, and 3 were recognized with awards. During the five days of the 2015 event there were 1828 discussion posts, 311 Presenters’ Choice votes cast, and 16977 Public Choice votes cast on the 112 featured videos. Since the event, the videos have received more than 42 thousand unique visitors from 173 countries to date.

In 2016 showcase, Advancing STEM Learning For All: Sharing Cutting Edge Work and Community Discourse, 22 ITEST projects presented videos and 6 received awards. Over the course of the week-long event there were 2770 discussion posts, 838 Presenters’ Choice votes cast, and 13920 Public Choice votes cast on the 156 videos. To date, the videos have received more than 40 thousand unique visitors from 174 countries. 

For 2017, ITEST projects have submitted 24 videos to the showcase. Beginning on May 15, you can view  your colleagues' videos at:! We encourage you to participate by viewing the videos, taking part in the facilitated discussions, and voting for the videos that you find most inspiring for Public Choice through Facebook, Twitter, or on the video showcase site. Tag your social media posts with both #stemvideohall and #ITEST so we can support your votes!

Below are links with more information about the 2015, 2015 and 2017 event, as well as the related NSF INCLUDES Showcase. The 2016 ITEST-submitted videos can also be viewed in each project's profile, as well as in STELAR's video repository