Academic Self-Description Questionnaire (ASDQ)

Academic Self-Description Questionnaire (ASDQ)


The Academic Self-Description Questionnaire tests students' academic self-concept, as described by the model put forth by Marsh/Shavelson.  Seeking information on self-concept by academic subject and grade, this questionnaire uses a 6-item self-concept scale for different subjects.  Each item is measured on a 6-point Likert scale.

Two forms of the questionnaire have been developed.  The Academic Self-Description Questionnaire (ASDQ-1) is used with Grades 5-6 ad focuses on 12 subjects: Spelling, Reading, Handwriting, Social Studies, Computer Studies, Science, Mathematics, Physical Education, Art, Music, Religion and Health; the first 7 were designated the core academic subjects.  The Academic Self-Description Questionnaire (ASDQ-2) is used with Grades 7-10 and focuses on 15 subjects: English Language, English Literature, Foreign Languages, History, Geography, Commerce, Computer Studies, Science, Mathematics, Physical Education, Health, Music, Art, Industrial Art, and Religion; the first 9 were designated the core academic subjects.  In addition, a General School scale was constructed in which the term "most school subjects" was substituted for the specific academic subjects; both the ASDQ-1 and the ASDQ-2 include a General School scale.  Thus, the ASDQ-1 contains 13 scales with 78 items, and the ASDQ-2 contains 16 scales with 96 items.

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