Career Planning Scale

Career Planning Scale


This instrument measures a person's individual career development status, essentially highlighting what stages in that development process they are most uncertain of or need the most help with.

For people who feel that their job search or even their careers have stalled, this is an ideal screening tool to discover why and what can be done about it. It is a means of helping job seekers engage in effective short- and long-term career planning, which in turn will help them make wiser career choices.

Features and benefits include:

  • Quick means of identifying strengths and weaknesses in the career planning process.
  • Promotes increased career awareness and helps people make more informed career decisions.
  • Ideal screening tool helps counselors and administrators concentrate resources where they are needed most.
  • Self-scoring and self-interpreting.
  • Works as a pre- and post-test.
  • Color-coded for easy scoring.
  • Includes suggestions for improving one's career plan.
  • A worksheet at the end helps users identify the next steps to take.


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