Pedagogy of Science Teaching Test (POSTT)

Pedagogy of Science Teaching Test (POSTT)


The Pedagogy of Science Teaching Test (POSTT) was created to assess pedagogical content knowledge of inquiry science teaching and knowledge of topic teaching practices that reflect the inquiry nature of science.  This assessment, developed for formative and summative use, includes over 100 items across 3 science disciplines (physical, life, and earth sciences) for various topics, grade ranges, and facets of instruction.  For formative use in teacher education, individual items can be used to engender debate and discussion about science teaching approaches, in the context of specific topics, particular cases, and pedagogical decisions to be made (mainly regarding degree of inquiry). For program evaluation, research, or summative purposes, items may be compiled into either a general instrument or one focused on selected qualities (e.g., science discipline, topic, grade level/band, or facet of instruction). 

The link provides access to the various items used in the POSTT, an introduction and background to the POSTT, and a chart of items to be used depending on grade and subject area.


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