Technology Self-Assessment Tool (TSAT)

Technology Self-Assessment Tool (TSAT)


The Technology Self-Assessment Tool (TSAT) has been designed for:

  • teachers, to determine their own levels of technology proficiency and to identify personal technology professional development needs;
  • schools/districts, to assess their professional development needs and to plan professional development activities that will help all teachers become proficient in technology;
  • and, the State, to gather and report data on technology competencies and technology professional development.

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education adapted the Technology Self-Assessment Tool developed by the Boston Public Schools in 1997. In 2010, the state's Educational Technology Advisory Council updated the TSAT so that it aligns with the Massachusetts Technology Literacy Standards and Expectations adopted in 2008.

The  TSAT has four mastery levels, Early Technology (29 items), Developing Technology (30 items), Proficient (31 items), and Advanced (19 items).  


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