Test of Science Related Attitudes (TOSRA)

Test of Science Related Attitudes (TOSRA)


The Test of Science Related Attitudes (TOSRA) assesses science-related attitudes along seven dimensions: social implications of science, normality of scientists, attitude toward scientific inquiry, adoption of scientific attitudes, enjoyment of science lessons, leisure interest in science, and career interest in science. The TOSRA includes 70 items, each measured on a 5-point Likert scale; these items comprise 7 subscales with 10 items each.

TOSRA-2 is comprised of two 35-statement questionnaires (pretest/protest). It is used with adults and children. The cross-cultural validity of TOSRA has been established in the US.

The linked document provides the TOSRA and its documentation.

Authors provide instrument validity and/or reliability information.


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Feedback on this instrument from projects that have used it

July 20, 2015 - 1:08am

Q:  In what context did you use this instrument (setting, population, project name)?

Response: With approximately 215 high school students from environmental career academies in 6 high schools over 3 years Pre in 10th, post in 10th, post in 11th and post in 12th.

Q: Did you run into any limitations with this instrument? (Y/N)  If yes, please explain.

Response: No

Q: Did this provide you with relevant information to address your research questions? (Y/N)  If yes, what question did this answer?

Response: Yes.  Did students interest in, and attitude toward, science and science careers change over the course of the project?

Project Name: 

GLOBE California Academy Program (CAP) - Collaborative Research