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This resource library was initiated by the NSF EAGER Maker Summit ( A goal of the Summit was to compile a comprehensive bibliography of resources in the Maker field.

Please share your resources! The resource library will remain open to additional submissions from your own body of work, or something that you feel would be important to share with the Maker community. If you have a Maker resource to share you can upload this via the following link:

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STELAR Webinar: Maker - Research & Evaluation

Webinar 3 - Research & Evaluation

During this webinar we will examine the challenges in designing assessments and measuring cognitive and non-cognitive learning outcomes in a maker-based project.


Jennifer Albert, Citadel Military College of South Carolina
Cynthia Tananis, University of Pittsburgh
David Reider, Education Design


Date: Tuesday, April 30 from 1-2 pm ET

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STELAR Webinar: Maker - Process and Pedagogy

This webinar will discuss how making looks like across different settings such as higher education, informal learning environments, and schools with high and low tech. The focus of the discussion will be pedagogical practices, practical challenges, and opportunities to broaden and sustain the participation of people with diverse backgrounds in Making. The presenters will highlight different aspect(s) of their projects relevant to the discussion.

Micah Lande, Arizona State University
Kristin Searle, Utah State... more

STELAR Maker Webinar - Partnerships & Broadening Participation

In this webinar, learn about individual and group strategies that can help to support your work - current and future. Presenters will  highlight both Making Partnerships and Broadening Participation. Essential for most projects, strong partnerships are key to Making because of the scope of outcomes and the distributed expertise present across individuals. In addition to supporting these partnerships, NSF is committed to broadening the participation of those underrepresented in STEM. The research community has an opportunity to address the challenges of... more

Source Code and a Screwdriver: STEM Literacy Practices in Fabricating Activities Among Experienced Adult Makers
This article presents results from developing and applying an initial analytic frame for observing and explaining literacy practices in making activities. It describes literacy-related themes that emerged when the framework was applied. These themes are discussed within the making process of fabrication, one of a number of goal-directed stages of making. Findings indicate that literacy practices in fabrication are openly shared, networked, and often oriented toward interfacing between physical and digital worlds. Results come from interviews with 14 adult makers.... more
Seeking out Math in Making Experiences

Negative attitudes about mathematics and the poor performance of U.S. adults and students on measures of mathematical reasoning are well-documented problems that limit many people’s identities and career aspirations. At the same time, the last decade has seen a proliferation of out-of-school environments that foster making and tinkering activities. Enthusiastic participants in these activities are often engaging in mathematical reasoning without realizing it—and thus do not consider themselves competent mathematical thinkers. Is there a way we can leverage the popularity of making and... more