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This resource library was initiated by the NSF EAGER Maker Summit ( A goal of the Summit was to compile a comprehensive bibliography of resources in the Maker field.

Please share your resources! The resource library will remain open to additional submissions from your own body of work, or something that you feel would be important to share with the Maker community. If you have a Maker resource to share you can upload this via the following link:

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Maker Webinar - Workforce Development

Make the Force be With You: Workforce Development through Making

Participants learned how their research in making is related to workforce development as a broader impact or as a direct intervention. This webinar examined how skills developed in making relate to imminent workforce needs. Presenters also discussed the need for longitudinal K-12 systemic preparation for STEM work and learning fields, and the connection between making and the future STEM workforce.


Anthony Dean, Old Dominion... more

Failing to learn: The impact of failures during making activities

Making is a recent educational phenomenon that is increasingly occurring in schools and informal learning spaces around the world. In this paper we explore data from maker educators about their experiences with failure. We surveyed maker educators about how they view failure happening with youth in their formal and informal programs and how they respond. The results reveal some concrete strategies that seem to show promise for helping educators increase the likelihood that failure experiences for youth can lead to gains in learning and persistence.

EAGER Maker Summit Video Day 2: Envisioning Groups Report to NSF

This is the final video from the NSF EAGER Maker Summit. At the close of day two, each thematic group provided a report-out to an NSF panel featuring Evan Heit, the director of the Division of Research on Learning (DRL), and NSF Program Directors Ellen McCallie and Robert Russell.

EAGER Maker Summit Video Day 2 Part 1 Video
EAGER Maker Summit Video Day 1 Video