STELAR Webinar Series: Charting the Future of Making in STEM Education

STELAR Webinar Series: Charting the Future of Making in STEM Education

Friday, April 26, 2019

In December the National Science Foundation convened nearly 60 Principal Investigators from projects funded through the Dear Colleague Letter (NSF-086) “Enabling the Future of Making to Catalyze New Approaches in STEM Learning and Innovation.” The NSF EAGER Maker Summit: Charting the Future of Making in STEM Education tasked these projects with exploring topics of interest to NSF and the Maker community.

Organized by the themes listed below, each group spent time synthesizing their collective work and envisioning the future of Making by:

  • capturing current issues in the Maker movement with respect to education
  • identifying important research issues and trends
  • discussing NSF’s investments in the Maker movement
  • recommending future directions for NSF research and development

Groups then developed a webinar series to serve as report-out from the event, to be shared with the broader Making community. These webinars are scheduled between now and summer, and will be followed by an NSF-hosted webinar describing funding opportunities for Maker-focused research projects.

Learn more about the event and view the conference materials and resource library on the EAGER Maker Summit event page:

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Please note that participation is limited to 100 spaces during the live event. We will be recording each session, and will email those registered once the recording and presentation materials are available.


Webinar 1: Workforce Development

Make the Force be With You: Workforce Development through Making
Participants learned how their research in making is related to workforce development as a broader impact or as a direct intervention. This webinar examined how skills developed in making relate to imminent workforce needs. Presenters also discussed the need for longitudinal K-12 systemic preparation for STEM work and learning fields, and the connection between making and the future STEM workforce.

Anthony Dean, Old Dominion University, Batten College of Engineering and Technology
Gul Okudan Kremer and Richard Stone, Iowa State University
Date: Friday, April 12 from 12-1 pm ET
Slides: Workforce Presentations



Webinar 2: Process and Pedagogy 
This webinar will discuss how making looks like across different settings such as higher education, informal learning environments, and schools with high and low tech. The focus of the discussion will be pedagogical practices, practical challenges, and opportunities to broaden and sustain the participation of people with diverse backgrounds in Making. The presenters will highlight different aspect(s) of their projects relevant to the discussion.

Yasmin Kafai, University of Pennsylvania
Micah Lande, Arizona State University
Kristin Searle, Utah State University
Sinem Siyahhan, California State University San Marcos

Date: Friday, April 26 from 12-1 pm ET


Webinar 3 - Research & Evaluation
During this webinar we will examine the challenges in designing assessments and measuring cognitive and non-cognitive learning outcomes in a maker-based project.

Jennifer Albert, Citadel Military College of South Carolina
Cynthia Tananis, University of Pittsburgh
David Reider, Education Design

Date: Tuesday, April 30 from 1-2 pm ET


Webinar 4 - Broadening Participation

NSF is committed to broadening the participation of underrepresented groups in STEM, but the research community must recognize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. In this webinar, presenters will highlight the importance of understanding the key differences of access versus equity, individual and local contexts, and co-creating research with communities. Discussions will include how the making community can work together to develop guiding principles for future research, and generate ideas on how projects can design for transformative change. 

Dorothy Jones-Davis, Nation of Makers
Adam S. Masters, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 

Date: Tuesday, May 14 from 2-3 pm ET


Webinar 5: Partnerships
NSF Making Partnerships
Partnerships are essential for most making projects because of the scope of outcomes and the distributed expertise present across individuals. In this webinar, learn about individual and group strategies that can help to support your work - current and future.

Bradley Barker and Dagen Valentine, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Date: Tuesday, May 21 from 2-3 pm ET


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