NSF EAGER Makers Summit Themes Landing Page


The Summit engaged participants in discussions around the themes listed below, with each session exploring the following topics:

  • Innovations
  • Impacts
  • Challenges
  • Future of Making


Broadening Participation: NSF is committed to broadening the participation of underrepresented groups in STEM. This session will examine barriers to access and issues of equity specific to the creation culturally relevant makerspaces that are diverse and inclusive. 

Partnerships: Makerspaces are inherently community-based by design. In this session we will explore what impacts these spaces have on communities, and ways that making can contribute to the social and cultural vibrancy of a community.   

Process and Pedagogy: This session will discuss the characteristics, pedagogies and experiences, of makerspaces. 

Research & Evaluation: During this session we will examine the challenges in designing assessments and measuring cognitive and non-cognitive learning outcomes in a maker-based project. 

Workforce Development: As we look to the future of work, how can making help to build the foundational skills needed for success at the human-technology frontier? This session will focus on making with youth and adults and look at both STEM professional and skilled technical workforce applications.