Call for Proposals: EF+MATH Prototyping and Applied Research Tracks

Call for Proposals: EF+MATH Prototyping and Applied Research Tracks



EF+MATH Program
c/o NewSchools Venture Fund 1616 Franklin Street, Second Floor, Oakland
First Published on August 29, 2019

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The EF+Math Program funds and supports teams to develop innovative, effective approaches to significantly improve math outcomes for students in grades 3-8 in historically under-resourced schools by embedding executive function (EF) training into high-quality math learning. The EF+Math Program is different from typical education funding programs; awards under this Call for Proposals will be contracts, not grants, made to multi-disciplinary teams of experts in executive function, math and educational equity research, who are coming together to pursue the goal of developing, testing and refining approaches that blend high-quality math content and instruction with activities that build EF capacity during math learning. These teams will work in partnership with educators to ensure solutions are designed to be useful, usable, equitable and effective. The EF+Math Program Director and Deputy Director will be substantially involved in the scientific and programmatic decision-making aspects of each funded project. Representatives of the EF+Math Program team will also provide technical assistance to program teams to enhance work products. The program will require a high degree of collaboration between awardees and program staff, among awardees and between awardees and school district partners to rapidly iterate on solutions through an inclusive R&D approach. The EF+Math Program values diversity, equity and inclusion in every component of its work. Strong teams will represent the racial, ethnic and gender balance of the students the program serves.


Program Announcement August 22, 2019

Call for Proposals Webcast and Publication August 29, 2019

Concept Notes Due: Applied Research Track Rolling; No later than October 3, 2019

Concept Notes Due: Prototyping Track Rolling; No later than December 11, 2019


Program Director: Prof. Melina Uncapher

Deputy Program Director: Dr. Aubrey Francisco

QUESTIONS Questions may be sent to Responses to frequently asked questions will be posted to the EF+Math Program Website:  





Thursday, October 3, 2019