EvaluATE Pilot Testing: Checklist for Program Evaluation Report Content

EvaluATE Pilot Testing: Checklist for Program Evaluation Report Content


EvaluATE, the evaluation support center for NSF's Advanced Technological Education program, invites individuals who are currently writing evaluation reports to pilot test the Checklist for Program Evaluation Report Content and provide feedback for improvement by August 15, 2017. 

A form for providing feedback is available from bit.ly/rep-check-pilot

After a few questions about the context of your work, this form will prompt you to answer three open-ended questions about your experience with the checklist:

  1. What was especially helpful about this checklist?
  2. What frustrated or confused you?
  3. What would you add, change, or remove?
  4. If using this checklist affected how you wrote your report or what you included in it, please describe how it influenced you.

About the Checklist: this checklist identifies and describes the elements of an evaluation report. This checklist should not be treated as a rigid set of requirements. Rather, it should be used as a flexible guide for determining an evaluation report’s content. Each checklist element is a prompt for decision making about what content is appropriate for a particular evaluation context should be made with consideration of the report audience’s information needs and resources available for report development.

Visit EvaluATE's website for more information: http://www.evalu-ate.org/resources/pilot-rpt-checklist/ 



Tuesday, August 15, 2017