InclusiveSciComm 2019: Call for proposals

InclusiveSciComm 2019: Call for proposals


The InclusiveSciComm Symposium is a national conference that aims to convene science communication practitioners, scholars, and educators working across many disciplines and STEM topics to discuss practical approaches for advancing an inclusive approach to science communication and public engagement.

Metcalf Institute and the symposium planning committee invite proposals for talks, sessions, workshops, and posters at the 2nd Inclusive SciComm Symposium, to be held September 27-29, 2019 at the University of Rhode Island.

The 2019 symposium will address three themes, and we strongly encourage submissions by practitioners, researchers, and educators in all themes.

  1. Inclusive Science Communication: New Languages, Practices, Knowledge, and Research 
    Proposals within this theme might address: facilitating difficult conversations across difference; culturally relevant communication; embracing different languages and knowledges (for example, via neurodiversity, art, and intuitive, visual, and body languages); exploring and integrating differently-gendered languages in science.

  2. Changing Systems and Structures through Science Communication

    Proposals within this theme might address: decolonizing science via inclusive scicomm; inclusive teaching practices; institutional change; integrating non-Western and Western methods.

  3. Inclusive Science Communication: Social Responsibility and Ethics 

    Proposals within this theme might address: ethics of the practice, role, or responsibility of science communicators and communication.


Proposals must be submitted by 11:59pm ET on May 24, 2019. 

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Friday, May 24, 2019