The NSF STEM Diversity and Inclusion Video Exhibition (DIVE) Challenge

The NSF STEM Diversity and Inclusion Video Exhibition (DIVE) Challenge


The National Science Foundation (NSF) is looking for innovative, effective, and replicable approaches to building a diverse and inclusive science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce through partnerships. As an NSF initiative with a mission to enhance U.S. leadership in STEM by facilitating partnerships, NSF INCLUDES is sponsoring to the NSF STEM DIVE (Diversity and Inclusion Video Exhibition) Challenge.

NSF invites grantees from all NSF programs to showcase, in the form of a short video (1 to 3 minutes), how forging partnerships, networks, or alliances has contributed to an increase in diversity and inclusion in STEM. All entries must be submitted by a Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-PI on any previous or current funded NSF award. These videos will be used by NSF and its programs in various platforms (e.g. websites, fair exhibitions, printed materials) to exhibit how grantees have encouraged and supported diversity and inclusion in STEM preK-12, higher, and informal education. This challenge is also designed to attract broader interest in STEM and to inform the greater community about best practices and effective strategies for increasing diversity and inclusion, partnership and networking strategies, and dissemination approaches for growing the STEM workforce.

Experts’ Choice awards will be given for the most compelling videos describing partnerships in the following categories: Informal STEM Education, PreK-12 STEM Education, STEM Higher Education, and STEM Alliances.

Experts’ Choice prizes and People’s Choice prizes will be awarded to the registered team leader/entrant and may be shared among any additional team members listed on the registration form at the team leader’s discretion. Up to four Experts’ Choice winners may be chosen, with a maximum of one winner per category, and each winner will receive $2500, and up to two People's Choice winners may be chosen and each winner will receive $1250.

Complete entries must be submitted by e-mail to All submission materials are located in the Submission Info tab.

NSF Contact: Simone Soso, Challenge Project Manager,

DEADLINE: June 25, 2020