It's About Discovery

It's About Discovery


The project implements the new Ford Partnerships for Advanced Studies curriculum module called Working Toward Sustainability with a primary focus of engaging over 400 ninth grade students and 20 teachers from underserved schools in OH and NC.


“It’s About Discovery” is a partnership between The Ohio State University, University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Fayetteville State University that engages high school students and their teachers in critical thinking skills focusing on STEM content areas. The Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies (PAS) new science curriculum is the foundation for the project that includes students and teachers from Ohio and North Carolina. We are implementing a new Ford PAS curriculum module, Working Towards Sustainability, which comprises of four modules: We All Run on Energy, Energy from the Sun, Is Hydrogen a Solution? and The Nuclear Revolution. While the primary focus is on students, throughout the life of the project all teachers will participate in professional development centered on the Ford PAS modules to ensure quality teaching and understanding of the content. Technology will be integrated throughout the program to enable students to create inquiry-based projects across state lines and for teachers to continue their professional development. Community partners will serve as mentors, host field trips, and engage in on-line conversations with students.


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2009 - 2013



Ohio State University Research Foundation Columbus, OH

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