Developing Project Based Instructional Units Utilizing ArcGIS Online

Developing Project Based Instructional Units Utilizing ArcGIS Online


This 40 hour course is designed for educators who are familiar with and who have taught with ArcGIS. Note that this course is not designed for those whose primary goal is to teach GIS skills. Rather, it is designed for instructors of other disciplines who would like to add a geospatial perspective, project based instructional techniques, and the "power of data" to their existing courses. Although educators will learn some ArcGIS online skills, the main focus for this course is pedagogy, or how to teach to improve student learning outcomes. Much of the course focuses on secondary educators, but it is adaptable to post-secondary educators as well.

This course utilizes ArcGIS Online. Participants are welcome to supplement their instruction with ArcGIS Desktop. This is an open, asynchronous, self-paced course.

The end result of the course will be a project based instructional unit. However, participants can’t be successful in each module without doing the necessary studio time. This involves development and preparation of deliverables, base maps, and geodatabases.

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