ITEST Proposal Development


Are you considering submitting a proposal to ITEST? You have come to the right place! The resources listed in the accordion below provide valuable information to help you develop a competitive proposal in response to the 2022 ITEST solicitation

For 2022, STELAR will host NSF program officers for a series of three webinars: ITEST Solicitation (NSF 22-585) Overview (May 9, 2022), How to Write a Competitive Proposal (May 16, 2022), NSF ITEST Proposal Conceptualization Webinar: Ingredients of a Competitive ITEST Proposal (June 2, 2022).  

We also suggest browsing the STELAR website to review project profiles and our resource library to to see what the program has previously funded, find instruments, and view publications developed by ITEST projects to learn more about the program and your specific areas of interest.

Additional support available from STELAR:

Online Course - The ITEST Proposal Development Course is hosted by the STEM Learning and Research (STELAR) Center, resource center for the ITEST Program. This is a self-paced, online course in which novice NSF proposal writers will develop a full NSF proposal for the ITEST program, to be submitted for the next solicitation deadline. View descriptions of course modules or register now!  You may also find the course tutorial video helpful (the recording is from the webinar, jump to 5:10 to skip the webinar introduction).

Proposal Feedback - Once you have a draft of your proposal, the STELAR team is available to review and provide suggestions on your strengthening your submission. We ask that you contact STELAR with your questions as soon as possible to ensure adequate time for response.

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Proposal Tips from STELAR

ITEST Proposal Development Course

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