SciGirls Profiles: Women in STEM

These women are the innovators, problem-solvers and dreamers who live right next door. They’re passionate about their work, hobbies, families and helping to make the world a better place.


2016 Green Ninja Film Festival

Everyone had a blast at the 3rd Annual Green Ninja Film Festival! Over 80 student films were submitted from schools all around the Bay Area. The Green Ninja judges and the festival’s audience worked together to select the top 5 films.

Each of the films were provided feedback during the production process from university students acting as film and science mentors. Students worked under the supervision of their mentors to improve the quality and production value of their films before submitting them to the film festival for judging.


Women in STEM video collection

SciGirls Stories: Real Women, Real Jobs

Inspiring real-life stories for all ages featuring Minnesota women in STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). These are the innovators, problem-solvers and dreamers who live right next door, passionate about their work, hobbies, families and helping to make the world a better place. They motivate girls to pursue all kinds of interests and career paths.

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SolveMe Mobiles Video

This video describes the SolveMe Mobiles app, which is designed to support algebraic reasoning in a fun and interactive format. These colorful puzzles help algebra and pre-algebra students as well as puzzle-lovers of all ages establish and strengthen the logic of solving equations for unknown values. Play SolveMe Mobiles at or learn more about the project.


Design Time: learning that is transformative

Design Time: Learning That Is Transformative is a short documentary film that follows a group of students from Salt Lake City's West Side as they learn about design thinking. The film demonstrates the power of learning through design thinking, as the students take on the challenge of designing a community center for returning military veterans.


WaterBotics Program Introduces Kids to Science

Local NJTV news segment WaterBotics Program Introduces Kids to Science


What is WaterBotics?, Mercedes McKay & Adam Scribner

Steve Adubato goes one-on-one with Mercedes McKay and Adam Scribner from Stevens Institute of Technology to discuss their educational program, WaterBotics, and what role LEGOs play in the unique project.


GreenTECH Videos

Watch these three videos made by ITEST project GreenTECH!  These videos give you insight into environmental engineering.  In the first video, meet Adam, a mechanical engineer who works in an NYC power plant.  The second video features Team Reakter, a team of green battery experts.  Finally, the last video features Levi and Ozgem, two energy activists, who will show you how to get your community excited about saving energy.


Role Model Videos

Through these role model videos, professionals' real world views and application of math show high school students just how relevant math is to their futures.  Filmed on location, professionals tell students about how they use math in their careers and what math meant to them in high school. 


Freedom Machines

The Freedom Machines film, discussion guide, lesson plan, and resource guides are designed to dramatically broaden the concept of diversity for all students through telling the intimate stories of adults and children with disabilities who are using modern technologies to change their lives.  

Original Freedom Machines website