Activating Math Talk: 11 Purposeful Techniques for Your Elementary Students

Activating Math Talk: 11 Purposeful Techniques for Your Elementary Students


Many mathematics teachers agree that engaging students in high-quality discourse is important for their conceptual learning, but successfully promoting such discourse in elementary classrooms—with attention to the needs of every learner—can be a challenge. Activating Math Talk tackles this challenge by bringing practical, math-specific, productive discourse techniques that are applicable to any lesson or curriculum. Framed around 11 student-centered discourse techniques, this research-based book connects purposeful instructional techniques to specific lesson goals and includes a focus on supporting emergent multilingual learners. Practitioners will be guided through each technique with

  • Classroom examples of tasks and techniques spanning grades K–5
  • Reflection moments to help them consider how key ideas relate to their own instruction
  • Classroom vignettes that illustrate the techniques in action and provide opportunities to analyze and prepare them for their own implementation
  • Group discussion questions for engaging with colleagues in professional learning communities.

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