ITEST Data Brief: ITEST in Action

ITEST Data Brief: ITEST in Action


ITEST Data Brief Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2016

This data brief provides information on the composition of ITEST project participants, what activities they engage in, in what settings, and what projects feel contributes to their project's success as they meet the ITEST program's goals for youth:

  • increase student awareness of STEM and ICT careers
  • motivate students to pursue the education necessary to participate in STEM and ICT careers and technology-rich experiences, and
  • provide students with technology-rich experiences that develop their knowledge of related content and skills (including critical thinking skills) needed for entering the STEM workforce. 

ITEST projects can be designed in many different ways to meet these goals, and each project engages in multiple activities with a variety of participants. The 2014-2015 ITEST Management Information System (MIS) Annual Survey asked projects to describe how their projects have been implemented, with some of the results presented in this brief.

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