SciGirls Strategies Training Evaluation Report

SciGirls Strategies Training Evaluation Report


For the SciGirls Strategies supplemental activity, ten educators were trained to be SciGirls Strategies

Trainers in June 2019. SciGirls Strategies Trainers participated in a four-day (36 hour) in person training Tuesday through Friday, June 25-28, 2019 at Twin Cities PBS in St. Paul. The Gender Equitable Teaching and Advising Strategies (GETAS) training workshop included information on the newly updated (in 2019) SciGirls Strategies: How to Engage Girls in STEM which includes gender equitable and culturally responsive teaching strategies to advise, encourage, recruit and retain girls into CTE-STEM pathways along with adult learning practices and strategies for leading professional development. During the workshop, educators began to develop plans for their localized professional development for STEM and CTE educators. The goal of the Train-the-Trainer program was for each Trainer to train 10 teachers in their school and/or school district in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Trainers could plan and schedule the implementation of the course to fit their school/district’s needs in order to accomplish the primary course objectives of building high school teacher’s confidence and skills in using gender equitable and culturally responsive teaching strategies. This evaluation report evaluates the Train-the-Trainer (TTT) 2019 June workshop using data from daily surveys and questions asked of Trainers in May 2020 reflecting on their training.

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