STEM Career Interest Questionnaire

The STEM Career Interest Questionnaire is a 12-item survey using a Likert scale.  Items comprise three scales, measuring perception of supportive environment for pursuing a career in science, interest in pursuing educational opportunities that would lead to a career in science, and perceived importance of a career in science.

The links and attached documents provide the instrument as well as documentation for the instrument.

Authors provide instrument validity and/or reliability information.


Sense of Belonging Scale

The Sense of Belonging Scale is a measure of belonging first developed for use in an after-school youth development program.  This 5-item scale uses a 5-point Likert scale for each item.  Belonging scores were positively related to actual program attendance over a 6-month period, self-reported attendance in the last week, and protective factors found in communities. Belonging scores were moderately and negatively related to community-based risk factors.


Self-Efficacy in Technology and Science (SETS)

The Self-Efficacy in Technology and Science (SETS) is a specific measure of self-efficacy in science inquiry and technology for middle school students. The SETS consists of six independent sections on self-efficacy in science inquiry and technology (science inquiry, using the Internet to find information, general computer usage, synchronous chat use, videogaming and computer gaming). 


The ITEST Learning Resource Center's Online Evaluation Database: Examples from the Collection

The ITEST Learning Resource Center at EDC developed an online database of instruments developed by ITEST project evaluators and researchers from 2003 to 2007. This 2007 article details the purpose and development of that database and highlights three instruments from it that represent the kind of evaluation tools archived there. While the database is no longer available, the three instruments described in the article provide useful examples of project-developed evaluation tools.


Preparing Tomorrow's STEM Workforce through Exploration, Equity, and Engagement

Preparing Tomorrow's STEM Workforce through Exploration, Equity, and Engagement is a product of the previous ITEST Learning Resource Center (LRC) and includes a series of six articles (plus a preface) highlighting key themes and lessons learned in the first five years of the ITEST program.