Webinar: Stories from ITEST (JOST Special Issue)

Webinar: Stories from ITEST (JOST Special Issue)


Webinar was held on February 28, 2017

The special issue, “Stories from ITEST: Inspiring Young People to Pursue STEM Careers,” offers research-based insights into the knowledge generated by a decade of ITEST-funded work in STEM career development. The 15 ITEST projects included in the special issue illustrate how the ITEST program has enabled creativity, experimentation, and cultural responsiveness in STEM education and workforce development and broadened participation in STEM initiatives, including youth from Native American communities, urban communities, and girls. Collectively, these articles contribute to the development of frameworks for STEM education and workforce development that are increasingly relevant for educators, project designers, researchers, and policy makers.

During this webinar we will present an overview of the special issue and hear from three of its authors. Melissa Koch will describe her work with women facilitators in her project; Sheron Mark will relate how youth descriptions of their work narratives change, and Sally Stevens will describe a culturally relevant science program with Native American students. 

Carrie Parker, issue editor and author of Innovations and Challenges in Project-Based STEM Education: Lessons from ITEST
Melissa Koch, author of Curricular Influences on Female Afterschool Facilitators’ Computer Science Interests and Career Choices
Sheron Mark, author of Psychology of Working Narratives of STEM Career Exploration for Non-dominant Youth
Sally Stevens, author of Motivating Young Native American Students to Pursue STEM Learning Through a Culturally Relevant Science Program

Click here for more information on the special issue, including a complete listing of the authors and articles.

An article included in this special issue, "Workforce Education Models for K-12 STEM Education Programs: Reflections on, and Implications for, the NSF ITEST Program," was featured in a previous webinar, with presentations from authors David Reider, Kirk Knestis, Joyce Malyn-Smith.