2021 NSF ITEST PI Virtual Conference

2021 ITEST PI Virtual Conference Online Program

The National Science Foundation and the STEM Learning and Research Center, resource center for the NSF ITEST Program, welcomed all active ITEST projects to attend the 2021 ITEST Principal Investigator Meeting on September 22-24.

This unique online event focused on our theme of Reconsiderando Equitable STEM Learning Through Technology Innovation: Pandemic Challenges and Opportunities and called upon our community to identify the challenges—and opportunities—experienced in STEM education. Each day featured inspiring presentations, engaging speakers, and rich conversations designed to generate solutions that will improve our work and inform the field. We invite you to review the recordings from the event by clicking the icon next to each speaker, and to view our archive of the poster presentations submitted by projects in advance of the conference.  

Online Program

 2021 ITEST PI Virtual Conference Agenda

Wednesday, Sept 22 (Day 1)
Icons below are linked to the recorded sessions.
12:00 Welcome and Opening Speakers Featuring
  • STELAR Principal Investigator Sarita Pillai
  • NSF Program Officer Alicia Santiago
  • NSF Director Sethuraman Panchanathan
  • NSF Chief Operating Officer Karen Marrongelle
  • White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) Advisor for Artificial Intelligence Justin Lynch
12:19 Call to Action
ITEST Program Director Wu He
12:45 ITEST Project Presentations: Pillar 1
Innovative Use of Technology and learning experiences in the service of broadening participation
1:05 Panel Session 
Discussion with presenters from Pillar 1 moderated by:
1:35 Breakout Sessions
Round 1: Pillar #1 - Reconsiderando the Innovative use of technology and learning experiences in service of broadening participation
2:10 Break/Networking
2:35 ITEST Project Presentations: Pillar 2
STEM Workforce Development in service of broadening participation
2:55 Panel Session 
Discussion with presenters from Pillar 2 moderated by:
  • Bob Russell, NSF
  • Toni Dancstep, NSF
3:20 Breakout Sessions Round 2
Round 2: Pillar 2 - Reconsiderando STEM Workforce Development in service of broadening participation
3:50 Day 1 Reflection & Preparation for Day 2
4:00 Networking

Thursday, Sept 23 (Day 2)
12:00 Welcome to Day 2
  • Joyce Malyn-Smith, STELAR
  • Chia Shen, NSF
12:15 NSF Day 2 Speakers

Featuring remarks from Sylvia M. Butterfield, Deputy Assistant Director of Education and Human Resources Directorate

12:30 ITEST Project Presentations: Pillar 3
Strategies for developing strategic partnerships in service of broadening participation
12:50 Panel Session 
Discussion with presenters from Pillar 3 moderated by:
  • Joan Walker, NSF
  • Leilah Lyons, NSF
1:20 Breakout Sessions 
Round 3: Pillar 3 - Reconsiderando Strategies for developing strategic partnerships in service of broadening participation
1:50 Break/Networking
2:20 Quantum Information Science and Engineering & AI Education in ITEST
  • Joyce Malyn Smith, STELAR
  • Emily Edwards, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Tomasz Durakiewicz, NSF
  • Chia Shen, NSF
  • Christina Gardner-McCune, University of Florida
  • Kristy Boyer, University of Florida
  • Irene Lee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3:00 Breakout Session - Participant's Choice
Selections to include Exploring the Quantum Revolution, AI in ITEST, Culturally Relevant Curriculum, Developing Inclusive Partnerships, or topics suggested by participants.
3:35 Plenary Feedback Session
4:00 Networking

Friday, Sept 24 (Day 3)
12:00 Day 3 Welcome
  • Sarita Pillai, STELAR
  • Alicia Santiago, NSF
12:20 Day 3 Topic Selection
12:40 Breakout Sessions
2:00 Break/Networking

NSF Town Hall

  • Evan Heit, Acting Deputy Assistant Director of the Directorate for Education & Human Resources
  • Elizabeth VanderPutten, Acting Division Director of the Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings



Closing Remarks with Sarita Pillai

4:00 Meetings with NSF Program Officers

2021 ITEST PI Virtual Conference Planning Committee

STELAR would like to offer its thanks to the 2021 planning committee for the innovative ideas and thoughtful input that helped shape the agenda for this meeting.

Planning Committee 

  • Alicia Santiago Gonzalez, NSF Program Officer
  • M. Alejandra Sorto, NSF Program Officer
  • Arlene de Strulle, NSF Program Officer  
  • Bradley Barker, NSF Program Officer
  • Monica E Cardella, NSF Program Officer
  • Toni Dancstep, NSF Program Officer
  • Alisha Sparks, Johns Hopkins University
  • Amanda Dickes, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
  • Charlotte Y. Alverson, University of Oregon
  • Colin Dixon, BSCS Science Learning
  • Jonathan Boxerman, WestEd
  • Josephine Louie, Education Development Center
  • Lauren Birney, Pace University
  • Melissa Dean,  STEMWorks, LLC
  • Teya Rutherford, University of Delaware
  • Veronica Ahumada-Newhart, University of California Irvine