We are grateful for the ITEST NSF program officers, our Advisory Committee, and our team for their insights and input. 

Advisory Committee Members

Tilanka Chandrasekera, Oklahoma State University
Theodore Chao, Ohio State University
Chris Crawford, University of Alabama
Katherine Culp, NY Hall of Science
Kathy Eller, East Bay Educational Collaborative of Rhode Island
Sherry Hsi, BSCS Science Learning
Chad Lane, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Victor Minces, University of San Diego
Lynda McGilvary, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Kate Popejoy, Popejoy STEM LLC
Ann Renninger, Swarthmore
Colby Tofel-Grehl, Utah State University

NSF ITEST Program Officers

Wu He, ITEST Program Lead, NSF
Chia Shen, ITEST Program Co-Lead, NSF
Jennifer Noll, Program Officer 

Arlene de Strulle, Program Officer

Kevin Clark, Program Officer
Toni Dancstep, Program Officer

FengFeng Ke, Program Officer

Deena Khalil, Program Officer

Melissa Luna, Program Officer

Bob Russell, Program Officer

Alicia Santiago Gonzalez, Program Officer

Jon Singer, Program Officer

Lynn Tran, Program Officer

Joan Walker, Program Officer

Amy Wilson Lopez, Program Officer

STELAR Team, Event Planners, and Evaluators

Sarita Pillai, Principal Investigator
Joyce Malyn-Smith, Co-PI
Sarah MacGillivray, Project Director
Mary Beth Piecham, Research Lead
Suhina Minocha, Project Staff
Melody Hackey, Project Staff
Bronwyn Taggart, Project Staff
Morgan Easterly, Project Staff
Beatriz Perret, Project Staff
Mary Forbuss, Project Staff
Amy Lozen, Meeting Services
Angie Hibbler, Meeting Services
Christopher Cox, Evaluator, The Rucks Group 
Maggie Jaeger, Evaluator, The Rucks Group