ITEST Projects Shine in the NSF 2015 Teaching & Learning Video Showcase


In May 2015, seventeen ITEST projects presented videos in the  2015 National Science Foundation Teaching and Learning Video Showcase.  Organized by TERC, the showcase contained 112 videos produced by NSF-funded projects associated with one of these resource centers:  ARC, CADRE, CAISE, CIRCL, CS10K, MSPNet, and STELAR.  Between May 11-15, presenters held asynchronous discussions with facilitators and the broader online public about their work.  During this period, traffic to the showcase site was over 22,000 unique visitors from 146 countries. 

Many thanks and congratulations to the following ITEST projects that took part!    Links to each project's video are provided below:

*Award winners



Publication Year
Computational Thinking
Cultural Relevance, Equity, and Diversity
Informal Learning and Afterschool
Participant Recruitment and Retention
Partnerships and Collaboration
STEM Career Opportunities and Workforce Development
STEM Content and Standards
Sustainability and Scale-Up
Teacher Professional Development and Pedagogy
Youth Motivation and Interests in STEM
Additional Disciplines
Bioscience - general
Bioscience - bioinformatics
Bioscience - biomedicine
Bioscience - biotechnology
Bioscience - DNA analysis/sequencing
Bioscience - neuroscience
Computer Science - general
Computer Science - computer hardware
Computer Science - gaming and simulations
Computer Science - general skills and mathematics
Computer Science - multimedia - audio, video and animation
Computer Science - programming
Computer Science - web development
Engineering - general
Engineering - aerospace
Engineering - astronomy
Engineering - design
Engineering - nanotechnology
Engineering - robotics
Environmental Science - general
Environmental Science - climate modeling
Environmental Science - ecological research and analysis
Environmental Science - GIS/GPS
Environmental Science - remote sensing technology
Mathematics - general
Published Date