Upcoming ITEST Symposia in 2017


Each year, STELAR collaborates with NSF ITEST project teams to submit session proposals to education and research conferences around the country.  These sessions broaden awareness about the program and share the program's findings with others in the STEM education and research communities.  We are thrilled to announce these two ITEST symposia sessions that have been accepted for presentation during Spring 2017.  Look for us at these ITEST sessions, and connect with us on social media (@STELAR_CTR) to let us know where you will be presenting!  #ITEST

NARST 2017 in San Antonio:

Saturday, April 22, 2017, 4:20-5:50pm: "Using (g)locally relevant authentic inquiries to engage youth in environmental science topics out-of-school" Location: Grand Hyatt San Antonio Chair: Bernadette Sibuma, EDC (STELAR) Discussant: Carrie Parker EDC (STELAR); Presenters & Projects:

  • Lauren Birney, Pace University - Curriculum and Community Enterprise for Restoration Science (CCERS)
  • Ardice Hartry, University of California Berkeley - Educational Pathways Into College and Career (EPICC)
  • Anne Kern, University of Idaho-Coeur d’Alene - Back to the Earth (BTTE)
  • Kathy Bertram, Alaska Pacific University - Preparing Responsive Educators using Place-based Authentic Research in Earth Systems (PREPARES)
  • Gerald Knezek & Rhonda Christensen, University of North Texas - Going Green: Middle Schoolers Out to Save the World (MSOSW)  

Learn more about the NARST conference here:

AERA 2017 in San Antonio:

Sunday, April 30, 2017, 2:15-3:45pm:  “Leveraging Technology-Based Learning Environments for Positive Outcomes among Underrepresented Minority Groups in STEM Education”.  Location: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, Meeting Room Level, Room 208  Chair: Maggie Renken, Georgia State University (Acquainting Metro Atlanta Youth with STEM (AMAYS)); Discussant: Bernadette Sibuma, EDC (STELAR); Papers & Presenters:

  • "The Effectiveness of E-textiles Technologies to Promote STEM Learning and Attitudes" - Gwen Nugent, Neal Grandgenett, Bradley Barker, University of Nebraska (WearTec)
  • "Writing to Learn and Technology Improves Science Knowledge" - M. Javed Khan, Tuskegee University; Marcia Rossi, Alabama State University; Fan Wu (The Eyes Say It All)
  • "Designing Accessible Tech-Centered Instruction for an Urban After-School Program" - Maggie Renken, Jonathan Cohen, Brendan Calandra, Georgia State University (AMAYS)

Learn more about the AERA 2017 meeting at:



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