S. MacGillivray

Artificial Intelligence and Learning: NSF ITEST Projects At-A-Glance

Artificial intelligence (AI) is permeating the world around us, changing the ways we live, work, and learn. The National Science Foundation (NSF) lists AI as one of its organization-wide priorities, and is encouraging programs like ITEST to pursue what it means to prepare youth for careers in AI. In response to this, the STELAR convened an AI working group comprised of more than 20 projects funded through a variety of NSF programs.


STEM Learning & Resource Center (STELAR): Supporting Engineering Education within the NSF ITEST Program

STELAR submitted the attached paper in conjunction with our participation in a poster session held for NSF-grantees at the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) annual conference. The paper highlights the purpose of the ITEST Program, how STELAR supports and synthesizes project findings, and provides data and information on ITEST projects focused on engineering. 


K–8 STEM Career Competencies: Developing Foundational Skills for the Future of Work

This framework identifies 10 foundational career competency areas correlated to characteristics of future work at the Human Technology Frontier and what thought leaders in the field believe successful workers in those environments need to know and be able to do. It is meant as a guide for teachers interested in helping their students develop the foundations of skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to be successful in life when they exit formal schooling. Many of the suggested competencies may already be included in the curriculum or pedagogy in K-8 classrooms.