Project Spotlight: Comprehensive Information Technology Education in Rural Appalachia (CITERA) and eTouchSciences

Building on the work of her ITEST project, Dr. Darrah has created eTouchSciences, a company that provides educational software utilizing haptic technology, which provides real-time tactile feedback to visually impaired students as they explore math and science lessons.


Project Spotlight: The Urban Community Project to Stimulate Interests in STEM Careers (U-CPS)

STELAR recently caught up with Dr. S. Ray Bullock, Research Professor of Physics and Director of Outreach Programs at Fisk University. Dr.


Project Spotlight: Curriculum and Community Enterprise for New York Harbor Restoration in New York City Public Schools

STELAR recently caught up with Dr. Lauren Birney, Assistant Professor of STEM Education at PACE University's School of Education, and Director of The STEM Collaboratory NYC™. Dr.


Project Spotlight: GreenTECH

STELAR recently connected with Sarah Pidgeon (Solar One) about the GreenTECH project, which is a three-year project focusing on green technology and careers at the high school level. Partners are: Solar One, a Green Energy Arts and Education Center; MOUSE (Making Opportunities for Upgrading Schools & Education), a youth development program that prepares young people to serve as technology experts; the Wallerstein Collaborative for Urban Environmental Education at New York University, and the New York City Department of Education (DOE). The GreenTECH program combines the successful methodology of the Solar One Green Design Lab program with the highly effective approach of MOUSE Technical Squads.


Project Spotlight: Stem Career Clubs

STELAR had the opportunity to speak with Jason Painter (North Carolina State University) about the STEM Career Clubs project, an initiative which builds on a successful and research-based Strategic Teaming Model to increase the likelihood that participating students will pursue STEM majors and careers.


Project Spotlight: Engaging Youth in Expanded STEM Career Pathways through Clean Energy Literacy Development

Project Spotlight: Barcoding Life's Matrix

Fostering and Maintaining Students' Interest in Engineering

Project Spotlight: Smart Clothing, Smart Girls

STELAR had the opportunity to speak with Lucy Dunne (University of Minnesota), about the Smart Clothing, Smart Girls project, which is a collaborative strategy project with Cornell University using apparel design as a vehicle to attrac


Connecting Underrepresented Youth to STEM through Culturally Relevant Game Design

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