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ITEST Solicitation 2022: Initial Tips and Takeaways

STELAR is pleased to announce that NSF has released the latest ITEST solicitation (NSF 22-585)! We’re just as excited as you to take a deep dive into the revisions for this round of submissions, here are some of our biggest takeaways so far...


Developing a Competitive ITEST Proposal: Tips from the STELAR Center 2021

Broadening Participation: Join the conversation about strengthening the pipeline from service to STEM for Women Veterans

Leveraging Student Strengths in STEM: Tips for ITEST Proposal Writers

When describing underserved and underrepresented groups in STEM education research there has traditionally been a deficits-based approach, focusing on the challenges that new interventions will help the students overcome. While it is essential that your proposal addresses student challenges, it is equally important to also thoroughly describe the ways in which your work will incorporate strengths-based approaches. The latest research has shown that strengths-based approaches are crucial to student success, and are essential to promoting equity in STEM education.