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Imagining the Future of Work: The Equity Systems Change Compass

Author: Clara McCurdy-Kirlis

What working might look like in the future—even just 10 years from now—stokes our imaginations. The world of work is changing at such an incredibly fast pace, and recent events like the pandemic and the murders of people of color have exposed and underscored inequities and health disparities that must be faced and dismantled in order to have a future of work that is both inclusive and just.


The Road Ahead: STELAR’s New Resources

2020 was challenging in every avenue of life.  Here at STELAR, we have been creating products and tools to help our ITEST community and beyond make this coming year more positive by offering several new releases that we hope will provide support and offer inspiration for the important work that you are doing! 


Back to School - ITEST Project Adaptations: Tips from the Field

In the virtual and hybrid school environment that students and teachers have had to embrace as their new reality, recruitment and data collection have been among the most difficult adaptations for ITEST projects to make.  STELAR connected with 5 ITEST projects to find out what major challenges they faced in implementing their projects during the pandemic.  We found that although many stakeholders involved in the ITEST project implementation have felt overwhelmed by the numerous ways that they h