The Road Ahead: STELAR’s New Resources

2020 was challenging in every avenue of life.  Here at STELAR, we have been creating products and tools to help our ITEST community and beyond make this coming year more positive by offering several new releases that we hope will provide support and offer inspiration for the important work that you are doing! 

ITEST Proposal Development Course: Launching in February, STELAR’s self-paced online course is designed for novice proposal writers who are interested in submitting a proposal for the August 13, 2021 ITEST solicitation deadline.  The goal of the course is to learn about all about the key aspects of writing competitive proposals, from building the partnerships you need to make your proposal successful, to addressing each of the requirements of the solicitation, and then putting it all together for submission. Developed by STELAR staff, this course is intended to support those new to proposal writing, and support services from the STELAR team will be integrated throughout the course.   

K-8 STEM Career Competencies - Pointing to a Future of Hope: Available in late winter/early spring, this “package” of tools consists of 10 career competencies that educators can use to integrate STEM core competencies into their curricula in hopes to prepare students for a STEM career pathway to face the challenges well equipped for a future where the essence of work is changing.  

Striving for Equitable Research and Practice for the Future of Work: Perspectives from the Field for Policy Makers and Practitioners Developing the Next Generation of Talent: Coming in April, STELAR builds off of our prior publication, Building the Foundational Skills Needed for Success in Work at the Human-Technology Frontier,” providing new and updated perspectives shaped by the events of 2020. In this paper we explore the future of work through the lens of equity, in a world where COVID-19 has revealed inequities that have long existed, and propose levers of change as we move into a future where work takes on a different meaning from the one we know now. 

As we announce each of the above releases, we plan to engage the community in webinars and other events that will offer both deeper insights into each topic, and the opportunity to engage and inform our work moving forward.