Digital Promise: Educators, AI, and the Future of Learning Webinar Series


Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more important in everyday life, in business, and now in education. As we prepare for a future with AI, Digital Promise is hosting a series of three webinars to actively engage educators in how new technologies will shape education.

The Educators, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of Learning webinar series will focus on three areas of learning that AI products currently support or are poised to impact in the next five to 10 years: assessment, teacher support, and learning environments. Our goal is to bring together educators, researchers, and entrepreneurs to illuminate possible futures of teaching and learning with AI.

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Register for the webinars through the following links: 

In preparation for the webinar, we encourage you to learn more about AI and education through this list of resources: https://circls.org/educatorcircls/educators-artificial-intelligence-and…



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