ITEST Webinar: Diversifying the STEM Workforce: The ITEST Program


Presenters: Siobhan Bredin, ITEST Learning Resource Center at EDC; Cynthia Newson, ITEST Learning Resource Center at EDC; Dr. Kimberly A. Scott, COMPUGIRLS; Dr. Kevin Clark, Game Design Through Mentoring and Collaboration; Dr. Daryl Williams, National Science Foundation

Summary: On this webinar, the National Science Foundation, the National ITEST Learning Resource Center at Education Development Center, Inc., and principal investigators from two ITEST projects, COMPUGIRLS and Game Design Through Mentoring and Collaboration, shared information about the ITEST program.

COMPUGIRLS: A Culturally Relevant Technology Program for Girls, in which girls of color ages 13 to 18 in the Phoenix, Arizona area learn about social justice issues as they explore technology (e.g. laptops, digital cameras, video equipment) and learn to use programs (e.g. Scratch, Teen Second Life).

Game Design Through Mentoring and Collaboration, in which middle and high school students from urban schools in the Washington, DC area work with scientists and experts to design and build educational games that can be utilized by other students and teachers. Learn how the ITEST program has enabled these PIs to expand their work with populations traditionally under-represented in the STEM workforce.

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