ITEST Webinar: Engaging Diverse Learners in STEM


Moderator: Sarita Pillai, ITEST Learning Resource Center at EDC

Presenters: Steve Bean/Jacob Martinez, Girl Game Company; Angela Calabrese Barton, GET City; Heather Almquist, Paleo Exploration

Summary: With a focus on student/youth diversity, this webinar highlighted specific strategies, successes and challenges related to engaging these diverse learners in STEM education and the workforce.

  • What are the gender specific and/or culturally relevant strategies that nurture interest and support persistence in engagement with STEM for specific sub-populations of youth?
  • What do the career development frameworks and models look like for these sub-populations?
  • Who are the influencers of youth, within each sub-population and in general? How do we educate them about educational and career opportunities in STEM in ways that will increase access to these opportunities for all youth?

Participants who joined this webinar learned from ITEST projects working across the U.S., in both urban and rural communities and with youth of varying race, ethnicity, SES, English-language proficiency, and gender.

See link to webinar recording.