Inuit Blanket Toss: A Framework for Community Strength


This webinar and discussion marks the launch of a 6-month pilot effort of the REVISE Center’s Communities of Practice, a co-designed series of events intended to support ISE Practitioners who share an interest in Building Equitable Relationships. We anticipate that this pilot series will culminate into a professional community of practitioners around this topic.

We are thrilled to invite you to Inuit Blanket Toss: A Framework for Community Strength, a virtual session that demonstrates how traditional Inuit practices inform equitable community engagement! Learn more about this webinar:

Discover the essence of cooperation in Arctic Indigenous communities with a virtual blanket toss! This interactive session, guided by Corina Qaaġraq Kramer and Dr. Cana Uluak Itchuaqiyaq (Respectful Research: https://respectfulresearch.com/), translates the exhilarating spirit of the Inuit blanket toss into a powerful metaphor for equitable community engagement. Participants will learn about four key principles of the blanket toss: listening to the caller, setting their feet, pulling equally, and staying in sync. These principles serve as analogies for the essential components of community-led research and underscore the importance of balanced power dynamics. Through a virtual demonstration and interactive group activities, attendees will gain insights into collaborative effort and the humility required for active equality in community engagement, applicable both in field research and policy development.



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