NSF ITEST Q&A Sessions for Proposal Development Support


Join STELAR as we host NSF Program Officers for a series of NSF Q&A sessions in support of those developing an ITEST proposal ahead of the August 11, 2023 solicitation deadline. These meetings will be held every other week beginning May 12. The meeting format will be an “office hours” style discussion and will be geared towards answering general proposal development questions. Participants will be provided the opportunity to ask their questions in advance via the event registration, or at any time during the hour-long event.

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Please note: These sessions are designed to answer questions for a broad range of researchers and should not be used for inquiries about specific project details. If you would like to talk to about a specific proposal you are considering submitting or which was already reviewed, please email drlitest@nsf.gov. This will connect you with program officers with whom you can ask these questions.

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