NSF ITEST Proposal Conceptualization Webinar: Ingredients of a Competitive ITEST Proposal


STELAR hosted a special presentation on behalf of NSF Program Officers on Thursday, June 2, from 1-2:30 pm ET. During the webinar a panel of Program Officers discussed key aspects for conceptualizing a competitive ITEST proposal. This webinar was designed to be highly participatory, and real-time attendance was required. This webinar was not recorded, but the presentation slides are available. 

Ingredients of Competitive ITEST Proposals Presentation Slides

The event featured presentations on the below topics:

  1. Overview & Demystifying ITEST
  2. Major changes in the new solicitation
  3. Project Categories, Funding Levels & SEI
  4. Required ITEST Pillars
  5. Research & Evaluation
  6. ITEST's Emerging Workforce Priorities


Join STELAR as we host three upcoming NSF Q&A Office Hours for the 2022 ITEST Solicitation. Program Officer Hours to answer questions and to address the following topic areas:


View STELAR Proposal Development resources: stelar.edc.org/proposaldevelopment

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