ITEST Webinar: Positionality Matters: Understanding Culture and Context From the Perspective of Key Stakeholders


Moderator: Alyssa Na'im

Presenters: Araceli Martinez Ortiz, Sustainable Future; Pam Van Dyck, Evaluation Resources; Karen Yanowitz, CSI; Angelique Tucker Blackmon, Try-IT

Summary: This webinar explored the challenges and best practices of working with and relating to stakeholders in program evaluation. Presenters shared their experiences with engaging stakeholders from various fields, disciplines, or populations. Central to this discussion was the notion that various stakeholder groups bring a unique and often integrated culture (or way of doing things) and perspectives that should inform the evaluation process; evaluators must be equipped with certain knowledge and skills to navigate and facilitate understanding within and across stakeholder groups while ensuring and balancing standards of quality. This session posed two questions: 1) How do evaluators begin to understand the stakeholders’ perspectives involved in the program evaluation?; and 2) What role do or should stakeholders play in the design of the evaluation?

See attached presentation slides.