STELAR Webinar: Future Work at the Human-Technology Frontier


On Thursday, January 25, the STELAR authors of Building the Foundational Skills Needed for Success in Work at the Human-Technology Frontier presented in the first of four webinars in our series exploring the educational and social implications of living, learning and working in a future driven by technology. 

Advances in technology, automation, and artificial intelligence predict fundamental changes that have the potential to impact “work” in all regions of the country, for people at all socioeconomic levels.  Although the future of work is unclear, thought leaders around the world, including those at the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), assert that the Internet of Things, robotics, and machine learning will be ubiquitous in tomorrow’s workplaces. In this new machine age, various technologies (sensors, communication, computation, and intelligence) will be embedded around, on, and in us; humans will shape technology and technology will shape human interaction; and technologies and humans will collaborate to discover and innovate in short, the Human-Technology Frontier.

During this webinar STELAR's Joyce Malyn-Smith, Sarita Pillai and Caroline Parker shared descriptions of future work environments provided by interviewees from high tech industries currently working at that frontier, and described the types of skills, knowledge and dispositions our students need to develop to set them on a pathway to success in work at the Human-Technology Frontier.


Watch a recording of the webinar recording below or view the presentation slides.

Learn more about the webinar series: http://stelar.edc.org/events/stelar-webinar-series-work-human-technology-frontier

Read an introduction to the paper, written by Joyce Malyn-Smith: http://stelar.edc.org/blogs/joyce-malyn-smith/building-foundational-skills-needed-success-work-human-technology-frontier 

View and download the full article from the EDC website: http://www.edc.org/sites/default/files/uploads/HumanTechnologyFrontierWhitePaper.pdf 

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