STELAR Webinar: Policy Implications of future work at the Human-Technology Frontier


Join authors of "Building the Foundational Skills Needed for Success in Work at the Human-Technology Frontier," for the final webinar in our four-part series exploring the educational and social implications of living, learning and working in a future driven by technology. 


Part 4: Policy Implications of future work at the Human-Technology Frontier

March 8, 2018 2:00-3:00 pm ET  CANCELED

This webinar has been canceled. A rescheduled date will be announced once available. 

How are NSF programs laying a foundation for success in work at the Human Technology Frontier? 

The rise of inequality in the labor market is highly challenging, with major consequences to both political and social trends in many societies around the globe. Education and training have long been viewed as important means of enhancing social mobility. The NSF’s commitment to increasing equity in access to the STEM workplace is a good example of efforts to broaden participation in undergraduate and graduate programs, preparing students for immediate transition into the STEM workforce (e.g., NSF INCLUDES, ADVANCE, and Scholarships in STEM). The ITEST program reflects a concerted effort by the NSF to develop new evidence-based pre-K–12 curricular and programmatic initiatives that optimally may enhance participation of girls and historically marginalized students (e.g., youth of color and those from low-SES backgrounds) in the STEM educational pipeline.

Join STELAR PI Sarita Pillai and NSF Program Officers as we discuss existing programs that support success at the frontier, and examine key policy levers that can greatly contribute to the development of a robust future STEM workforce, help ensure the well-being of that workforce, and support and sustain a strong innovation economy for our country.

Learn more about the webinar series: http://stelar.edc.org/events/stelar-webinar-series-work-human-technology-frontier including links to the recordings and materials of the previous session(s).

Read an introduction to the paper, written by Joyce Malyn-Smith: http://stelar.edc.org/blogs/joyce-malyn-smith/building-foundational-skills-needed-success-work-human-technology-frontier 

View and download the full article from the EDC website: http://www.edc.org/sites/default/files/uploads/HumanTechnologyFrontierWhitePaper.pdf 


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