STELAR Webinar: Youth Motivation Webinar - Findings from ITEST


Presenters: Svetlana Darche, WestEd and Erin Fender, UC-Berkeley, CAP; Jamie Larsen, TERC, SportsLab:2020; David Reider, Education Design (Evaluator), COMPUGIRLS

Summary: This webinar focused on current findings from the ITEST program related to youth motivation and STEM career development. Participants  heard from ITEST projects working across the U.S. to learn specific strategies for as well as successes and challenges with fostering and assessing youth motivation and STEM career interest. The presentation included project-level findings of youth development in these areas and focused on the following guiding questions:

1. What specific programmatic aspects have the greatest impact on youth involvement in STEM beyond ITEST?
2. What motivates young people to participate in STEM learning experiences?
3. What role does community, family, or cultural context play in that motivation to learn?
4. What do these STEM learning experiences teach young people about STEM educational and career paths?