WEPAN Women of Color Summit (WOCS)


Started in 2021, the WIEP and WOCS are manifestations of WEPAN’s commitment to support practitioners of Women in Engineering (WIE) and synonymous programs (WiSE, MEP, etc.) and prioritizing Women of Color in engineering and STEM more broadly.

The Women of Color Summit (WOCS) recognizes that, while critical to STEM fields, Women of Color are often underserved, under-resourced, and undervalued in their respective fields. The WOCS continues to raise awareness of both the common and the unique experiences of Women of Color as they navigate STEM careers while emphasizing the need to disaggregate WoC identities in order to develop effective practices.The WOCS brings together Women of Color in STEM with individuals and organizations who authentically support WoC in thriving and advancing in their chosen fields.

The 3rd Annual WEPAN Women of Color Summit is sponsored by the National Science Foundation's Technology, Innovation and Partnerships and Translational Impacts (TIP/TI) Directorate.

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