National Robotics Week

Celebrate National Robotics Week

It’s engineering, and it’s programming, and it’s inspiring—it’s National Robotics Week! From April 6–14, there will be in-person and virtual events for students from preschool to college age to introduce and celebrate robotics and STEM-related learning.  

Since 2010, the organizers of National Robotics Week (RoboWeek) have promoted events, activities, and media designed to showcase the wide variety of robots and their many real-world applications. Robotics combines STEM fields such as engineering and technology with creativity and problem-solving, and RoboWeek shows how much fun that can be.  

There are free resources for every age group, as well as listings of upcoming events, on the RoboWeek website. (National All-Star Robot Trading Cards, anyone?) But the underlying mission of National Robotics Week is educational, as it seeks to inspire young people to become interested in robotics and other STEM careers.  

RoboWeek definitely aligns with the ITEST goal of advancing the equitable and inclusive integration of technology in the learning and teaching of STEM from pre-kindergarten through high school. Below are summaries of some current robotics-related ITEST projects. Check out these projects and other related materials!